A Tour of the Abandoned Psychiatric Parkland Hospital, Dallas, TX

The original Parkland Hospital was built in 1894 and is located at Maple and Oak Lawn Ave in downtown Dallas. The original building was replaced in 1913 by the buildings seen in this video.  The main medical hospital moved in 1954 to a new location on Harry Hines Blvd., turning the old building into a psychiatric hospital. After the psychiatric hospital closed, it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. There were many reports of people witnessing paranormal activity in the building. In 2006, a property company bought the abandoned building and turned it into office space and condos.

In 2004, my friends and I arranged a tour of the abandoned Parkland Psychiatric Hospital in Dallas, TX.  My interest was in photographing this historic, beautiful old building before it disappeared. My friends were interested in investigating paranormal activity.

This video shows you what we found.


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