Is The White House Haunted?


The White House-Washington DC photo by The Haunted Traveler
The White House

Is the White House Haunted?

Is The White House haunted? The official residence and workplace of the President of the United States, has a long history. Like many old and historically significant buildings, it has its share of ghost stories and rumored hauntings.

President Lincoln

The most famous ghost associated with the White House is the spirit of President Abraham Lincoln. Numerous individuals, including First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom, have claimed to have seen or sensed Lincoln’s presence. President Roosevelt once said she felt the presence of Lincoln while staying in the Lincoln Bedroom. Residents and visitors have claimed to have encountered Lincoln’s spirit in or around the Lincoln Bedroom. The stories often describe visions of Lincoln standing near the fireplace or gazing out of a window. Others have reported sensing his presence or hearing footsteps and knocking sounds within the room.

Additionally, Lady Bird Johnson reported that she felt the presence of Abraham Lincoln while watching a documentary about his death in the White House.

The Unexplained

There have also been reports of other ghostly occurrences, such as strange noises, unexplained footsteps, and apparitions in various parts of the White House.

President Harry Truman famously claimed to have heard mysterious knocking and footsteps in the White House during his stay. He once wrote to his wife, Bess, mentioning these occurrences.

Dolly Madison

The wife of President Woodrow Wilson encountered the ghost of First Lady Dolley Madison, who allegedly still roams the Rose Garden. First Lady Edith Wilson two gardeners to move the fabled Rose Garden, which Madison had created and nurtured. The gardeners were reportedly met by an angry Dolley.

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands during her visit to the White House claimed to have heard footsteps and felt a presence in her bedroom.

Furthermore, various White House staff members have reported strange occurrences, such as hearing voices and seeing apparitions.

Seances and Psychics

Interestingly, some White House residents engaged in seances and utilized psychics to contact the spirit world. After the death of her son Willie in 1862, Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of President Abraham Lincoln, held seances in the White House.


In summary, the White House is a property that has where many historic and highly emotional events occurred, lending itself to be an ideal site of hauntings. It’s also a museum of American history—and a place where that history continues to unfold every day.

The White House has been occupied by every president since John Adams, and the history of this building extends far beyond the construction of its walls.


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